Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Case Management Conference


During any criminal proceeding there may be many Case Management Conferences. A Case Management Conference is a meeting set up between the prosecutor, the attorney for the defendant and the judge. The meeting will focus on the issues of the case, argue motions, participate in settlement negotiations and set a trial date if necessary. The judge shall schedule a Case Management Conference, presumptively every 30-45 days.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Finding The Best Bail Bonds Company

Best Phoenix Bail Bonds Company

When shopping for a bail bonds company in Phoenix, most people go to the internet. In fact, the internet or word of mouth may be the only way you'll find a bondsman - the yellow pages are obsolete.

Most bail bond companies have Google local listings and/or websites where you can find phone numbers, services offered, addresses and reviews. Beware of bail bond reviews, most of them have become totally unreliable or fake. The hard fact is, most people are embarrassed to use a bondsman - no one likes to talk about a family member's trouble with the law, let alone leave a public review. When you see a bail bond company with as many reviews as well known restaurants, be skeptical – better yet, run.

So, what do you look for in a bail bondsman?

* Choose a company that has been in business at least 5 years (less than 45% of insurance companies make it to their 5th year and only 1/3 makes it to their 10th).
* Ask how long the bail bond agent helping you has been licensed.
* How well does the agent know their business and how well can he/she explain the process to you? An experienced agent should clearly and confidently answer any question you may ask. If you don’t understand them, walk away.
* A good bondsman won’t fast talk you or sound like a used car salesman.
* If you are still unsure, check for complaints registered with the AZ Dept of Insurance: 602-364-2499.

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Sunday, October 6, 2019

Guilt or Innocence

Guilty or innocent it doesn’t matter.

Whether you committed a crime or didn’t do it - bail bonds are provided to any client that can put up the required collateral and pay the fee. Risk is an important factor to a bondsman when issuing a bond; this is why bail bonds in Phoenix are secured with collateral. Collateral is property or cash that is held as security against the bond – it acts as a guarantee that the Indemnitor on the bond has the ability to cover any loss that the bondsman may incur. Loss occurs when a bond is forfeited by the court for the defendant’s Failure to Appear. Looking for a bail bond? We would be happy to explain the process to you. The original Phoenix Bail Bonds company. https://phoenixbailbonds.co https://g.page/phoenixbailbonds (602) 267-9057

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