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POSTING BAIL CAN BE FUN AND EASY Bail bonds can be purchased from the comfort of home or office. The days of going to the jail, or to a bail bondsman’s office to post bail are over. The Phoenix Bail Bonds Company can process most transactions over the phone. Fees can be paid via credit card, bank transfer/deposit, wired funds, or even on-line with Zelle. Paperwork can be sent via email or Fax and you can return signed copies via Fax, email, or even text. Let us make your life a little easier during this stressful time. Call the original Phoenix Bail Bonds company (602) 267-9057 Phoenix Bail Bonds
(602) 267-9057

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Monday, January 18, 2021

Post Bail the Easy Way!


Posting a bail bond for a friend or family member doesn't have to be an ugly experience! Most of our transactions can be handled without you leaving home.
You can buy a bail bond using a credit card, or by doing a bank deposit, bank transfer or wired funds. All you need is the ability to send and receive documents via Fax, email or text.

The process is easy, call one of our agents and let us take care of everything.

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