Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Corona Virus Bail Bonds


STAY SAFE – Avoid the jail. Post bail with a credit card, or make a bank deposit. Phoenix Bail Bonds offers posting bail from the comfort and safety of your home. We can take your information over the phone with validation using Email, Fax or Text. Alternatively you may make a deposit to one of our bank accounts. Once the bond has been exonerated and returned, your bail amount is refunded (fees are non-refundable). Avoiding pubic places, or “Social Distancing” is the norm of the day until the Coronavirus has passed; reduce your risk by posting bail with Phoenix Bail Bonds. Call: Phoenix Bail Bonds (602) 267-9057 https:phoenixbailbonds.co/

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Sunday, February 23, 2020


THE BAIL PROJECT is an organization that provides free bail to those that cannot afford bail and are unable to obtain help through a bondsman. The process requires you to fill out an application at https://bailproject.org/help and one of their employees, a "Bail Disrupter" will get hold of you.

Phoenix Bail Bonds is not affiliated with "The Bail Project"; however, we are happy to inform you of an organization that advertises a free way out of jail for those that truly cannot afford the conventional service of a bondsman.

For those clients that prefer the service of seasoned professionals and require immediate help, please call:

(602) 267-9057

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