Friday, February 25, 2022


Got a lot of work to do?

Try the fast easy approach to bail bonds Phoenix. It is no longer necessary to drive to the jail, or meet at a bail bondsman's office. There is no need to use personal property for collateral either. Why not use a credit card for the entire bail amount? Alternatively, funds may be wired or deposited into one of our bank accounts. Buying a bail bond doesn't have to be an all day chore. All transaction can be handled over the phone. Agreements may be sent via Fax or email. When the case is over and the bond has been returned by the court, you get your bail money back (fees are non-refundable). Call the original Phoenix Bail Bonds company Phoenix Bail Bonds (602) 267-9067
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Friday, February 11, 2022


Bringing Friends Together

Phoenix Bail Bonds has been bringing friends together for nearly two decades. Whether you need help getting a friend, family member, or even yourself out of jail, we stand ready to help. We are the original Phoenix Bail Bonds company offering the fast easy approach to bail bonds. Why not charge the full bail amount and premium on a credit card, or wire/deposit funds to one of our convenient bank accounts - avoid the pitfalls of using personal property for collateral. Our quick approach to posting bail means you don't have to leave home or drive to a bondsman's office. Our process takes minutes not hours and this translates to faster release times. Phoenix Bail Bonds (602) 267-9057 Google My Business "The original Phoenix Bail Bonds company"

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