Saturday, March 9, 2019

Fast-Track the Return of Your Phoenix Bail Bond

Get Your Bond Money Back!

Your Maricopa County Superior court case is finally over and now you want your bond money back - What do you do?

Before you leave the court-room get from the Judge the "ORDER OF BOND EXONERATION". With the Order in hand, take it to the "Criminal Bond Desk" located in the South Tower, 12th floor. The clerk will enter the exoneration into records and hand you back the original Order - don't lose it. Within a week the clerk will mail out a check for the bond. Whomever posted the bond with the jail will receive the refund.

If you or a family member posted the bond, make sure the clerk has the right mailing address. If a bondsman posted the bond with the jail, make sure you give the bondsman the original Order after filing it with the clerk.

Original Articlet from Maricopa County Bail Bonds

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