Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Bail Bond Payment Plan


No, we don't bail people out of jail for free and if we did you should be suspicious of our intent. Arizona law requires you to pay a 10 percent premium fee plus expenses on any bond purchased through an Arizona Bondsman.

Yes, there are a couple of bail bond companies out there that allow payments on the premium, or require you to pay the entire premium before your first hearing. Don't fall for it. If you don't make your payment, they may take your collateral, or put the Defendant back in jail.

We've tried taking payments and "working" with people and our experience indicated that most people will not or cannot make their payments, even after they know the repercussions of not doing so. We stopped doing payment plans because our good intentions backfired and they were bad for our clients.

Don't take chances; if you can make bail and still have funds left over to meet your responsibilities, do it, but please don't make matters worse by falling into a payment plan.

Google, in July of 2018, banned bail bond companies from advertising on line, Google believed that the industry was taking advantage of people:  Although, I don't agree with Google's assessment of the situation, I do believe that the good intentions of bail bond companies trying to help people caused the problem.

Call Maricopa County Bail Bonds at (602) 258-4488 if you want bail the old fashioned way, without gimmicks and tricks.

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