Monday, February 11, 2019

Phoenix Bail Bonds - Fastest Refund Policy


We are the original Phoenix Bail Bonds company ™

Fastest Refund Policy in Maricopa County!  

Phoenix Bail Bonds prides itself on having the fastest bail refund policy in Maricopa County. When you pay the full bail amount with cash, or credit card, we notify you the same day the bail is received back from the court.We give you the refund option of depositing to a bank acct, wiring your funds, or mailing you a check.

If you pay a bondsman for the full bail amount, he is required to pay the bail to the jail/court in cash or put it in a Trust Account.

We take our fiduciary responsibility seriously. Trust your cash and credit card bonds with:

The Original Phoenix Bail Bonds company (602) 267-9057

Phoenix Bail Bonds
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