Sunday, February 17, 2019

Collateral Guide


Most Arizona bail bond companies require collateral for any size bond. Collateral is something a Phoenix bail bondsman holds as security; it acts as a guarantee that the defendant goes to every one of his/her hearings until the bond is "Exonerated". Collateral must have a value at least equal to the bond amount. 

Phoenix Bail Bonds uses wholesale price valuations. This means we assign values similar to pawn shops. If a vehicle is used, we price the vehicle with Kelley Blue Book using "Trade in Values", Fair Price. 

Cars can't be older than a ten years, they must be Arizona registered and titled and they must be insured with "Comprehensive" insurance, so if you wreck it, we are still covered. For bonds that are $10,000 or larger, we will hold on to the vehicle. You may pre-qualify your vehicle here:

over, you get your money back (less fees).
Phoenix Bail Bonds encourages the use of cash collateral or credit cards for all bonds under
$3,000. Less hassle, faster response and execution times and when the case is

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