Sunday, May 29, 2011

Child Support Bail Bonds in Phoenix

When a person gets arrested on a warrant and incarcerated in the Maricopa County Jail for unpaid child support, the bond is set as Cash-Only.  In other words, the only way one can post this bond is by posting it in cash.  Most bail bond companies do not post cash bonds and those few companies that do post them will not post a child support bond.  Child support bonds are known as purge bonds.  Purge bonds, once posted, are forfeited to pay for the fine or obligation of the Defendant, in other words, you will not get your money back.  Bail bond companies rely on their bonds being returned after the Defendant goes to his/her court hearings in order to stay solvent.

Child support bonds can be successfully paid for with credit cards through our bail bond company.  Your card will be charged for the full bond amount and any of the fees associated with posting your bond.  The cost of posting your bond will be a 10% premium fee and a 3% merchant account fee for using your card.  We will post the cash bond immediately upon running the credit card.  Using a credit card allows the Defendant to be released right away.  Credit cards can be paid off by making monthly installments to your credit card company. 

If the Defendant is currently working, supporting a family, or has important obligations to meet, the child support obligation should be paid as quickly as possible.  The Arizona Courts take a hard stance against delinquent child support and will leave Defendants in jail for months.  Child support obligations will not be paid off by serving time in jail, therefore, you will still owe the same amount of money as you did before you went to jail.  Jobs are typically lost through extended stays behind bars, vehicles may be repossessed and homes lost when a Defendant cannot make installment payments because he/she is in jail.  The sooner one pays the obligation, the sooner one can get back to his/her life.

From time to time some companies selling Arizona Bail Bonds can arrange short term financing of the child support obligation without you needing to pay the full bond amount.  The options will typically be very short pay-offs 1-2 months, lots of collateral for security and high premium fees.  All of this can be worth it if you have obligations to meet.  The big lesson here is do whatever you can to pay your child support obligation while on the outside, because once put in jail you will be relying on the speed and resources of others to get you out.

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