Tuesday, January 18, 2022


Cash Bail Bonds

More bail bonds in Phoenix are posted as cash bonds than there ever before. Bail reform took place about three years ago which lowered bail amounts, thus allowing more people to post bail themselves without the help of a bondsman. Phoenix Bail Bonds specializes in cash bail. 98% of the bonds we post at the jail are paid in cash. The ease of dealing in cash or cash equivalents like credit card charges, wired funds, or bank deposit and transfers means our clients don't have to struggle with putting up collateral, getting liens put on property and fooling around with releases once the case is over. Bail is either mailed back to the client or deposited directly into their bank account. Call the original Phoenix Bail Bonds company if you appreciate the fast easy way of doing business. Phoenix Bail Bonds (602) 267-9057 https://phoenixbailbonds.co/
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