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Maricopa County Warrants


Types of Warrants

In general, there are two types of warrants:

  1. Bench Warrants are issued when a defendant "Fails to Appear" for a scheduled court hearing. The judicial officer authorizes law enforcement to make an arrest of the individual listed on the warrant. *This also includes a bench warrant for a probation violation.
  2. Arrest Warrants are issued to law enforcement when they have reasonable belief to suspect that a person has committed a crime.

How to find out if you have a Warrant

  1. Public Access to Court Information:
  2. Criminal Court Administration Information Desk: Call - 602-506-8575
  3. Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS): call - 602-223-2233

How to pay Bail or Post Bond on a Warrant

  1. The bail amount may be paid at the 4th Avenue Jail (Bonds and Fines entrance) located at 201 South 4th Ave in Downtown Phoenix. The jail accepts U.S. currency, Western Union money orders, U.S. Postal money orders, and cashier’s checks. Cashier’s checks or money orders must be made payable to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office and reference the inmate’s name and booking number If you have any question call 602-876-1000.
  2. Bail may be paid directly at the Maricopa County Superior Court.
  3. You may also contact a bail bonds company for their assistance:

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